Vilnius Children and youth diabetes club ‘DIABITĖ PLIUS’

In Lithuania over 600 children and young people under 18 suffer from diabetes mellitus. 150 of them live in Vilnius and its region. Currently over 100 families with children and young people suffering from diabetes belong to the Vilnius Children and Youth Diabetes Club, ‘DIABITĖ PLIUS’, which can be roughly transla ted as ‘DiaBee Plus’.

Diabetes mellitus is incurable. When children fall ill, they and their parents encouter numerous psychological problems and changes in their everyday lives. For the rest of their lives, the children have to use insulin and must check the levels of their blood sugar every day. It is not a simple task to maintain the levels of the necessary components in the blood, especially carbohydrates, in order to meet the norms of a healthy person. Every day, it is necessary to combine doses of insulin with a careful diet, as well as physical and emotional activities. In cases of failure, a high quantity of blood sugar can cause long-lasting complications; diabetes can lead to damage to the blood vessels of eyes, kidneys, and other organs, which may result in blindness, the transplantation of kidneys, or the amputation of the legs. If an insulin overdose occurs, the low quantity of blood sugar can result in disrupted consciousness, coma, or damage to the nervous system.

Consequently, the patients and their family members must know a lot about the disease and its processes, and be in regular contact with their doctors. The patients themselves and their families can be of great help to each other. That’s why we set up the support organisations of friends in need. The children with compensated diabetes are bright students, creative and valuable citizens, and the future of our country.

The main goal of the Club is to help children and young people suffering from diabetes to learn to live with their condition by looking after themselves appropriately in order to avoid the serious complications of the disease. The Club arranges educational, sport, cultural leisure events, camps for the study of diabetes, as well as organising material, methodological, psychological, and social aid for the patients and their family members. Our aim is that every child suffering from diabetes will become involved in this activity with his/her family members. No one should be left by themselves with the problems that the disease causes.

We, the members of the Vilnius Children and Youth Club ‘Diabitė Plius’, appeal to those around us who are not aware of our problems: please help these children to avoid numerous moral and health problems in their future lives.

You can:

·donate 2 % of your personal income tax by transferring it to Vilnius Children and Youth’s Club ‘Diabitė Plius’;

·support the children of our Club by financial donations or in other ways.

We are really grateful that you are not indifferent to our children’s misfortune.


Address: ŽEMYNOS 12 - 2 , VILNIUS 06129-LT

Company code: 191878119

Account number: LT337300010002449585

P.S. The form concerning the 2% transfer should be filled in and put in an envelope. Please sign on the seal. The envelope can be delivered to the tax inspection personally by May 1, 2012 or via the accountant of the company where you work or alternatively via the accountant of our Club. The form can also be filled in on the Internet while declaring your income online.